This page contains my notes for original adventures that I have written for the game, so that others may read and use them.

the lost colony
This is an adventure in the style of an Original Series episode, involving the investigation of a mining colony that has stopped all contact with the Federation.  In the campaign that I am currently running (set in the movie era), this adventure occurred during the Original Series time period and is part of the “history” of the campaign.
The GM notes for the adventure are here.  I will post the maps as soon as I can figure out how to do it.  Scanning them in legibly is a bit difficult, because they are pencil-drawn on blue graph paper.

the commander in thief
A planetary survey ship investigating some odd power emissions from Delta Triangula VI has disappeared and the player characters are ordered to investigate.  What is going on down there?  The answer may have implications that reach far beyond this planet.
Player Handouts
    The mission
    Planetary file on Delta Triangula VI
GM Notes
    Background to the adventure
    Scenario notes
    NPC Stats

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