This page summarizes what we have done in our campaign.  All the logs of our chat sessions (with minimal editing) are here, as well as complete narratives based on the first few sessions.  I am working on the narratives sporadically and will add new ones as they become available.
The campaign has already gone through several missions, as well as several configurations of ship and crew.  Here is some information on the ship and its crew as currently constituted:
Ship data for the USS Fife
PC Personnel File
NPC Personnel File

the mines of selka
We started the campaign on the Klingon border, near Orion space.  The PCs were posted to a small freighter with heightened sensors capacity (a spy ship) in the Star Fleet Intelligence Command.  There they investigated mysterious ship disappearances in the Selka system, in a mission based on the FASA adventure The Mines of Selka.
1. A New Mission (Jan. 20, 2007):  Session Log
2. Selkadroon (Jan. 27, 2007):  Session Log
3. The Blue Flame; Factovolm (Feb. 3, 2007):  Session Log
4. Zim; the Missing Repteam (Feb. 10, 2007):  Session Log
5. A Suspicious Warehouse (Feb. 17, 2007):  Session Log
6. On Patrol (Feb. 24, 2007):  Session Log
7. Enter Vor; Zim Again; a Bar Fight (Mar. 3, 2007):  Session Log
8. The Antipodes (May 13, 2007):  Session Log
9. Captured! (May 27, 2007):  Session Log
10. The Slave Mine (Jun. 3, 2007):  Session Log
11. The Riot (Jun. 5, 2007):  Session Log
12.  The Great Escape (Jun. 9, 2007):  Session Log
Here is a timeline of the adventure, showing the dates of major events for purposes of campaign continuity.
Here is a narrative account of the adventure:  HTML, PDF, EPUB

demand of honor
After the Selka incident, the PCs were sent clear across Federation space, to an assignment on the Gorn frontier.  They were posted to the USS Hastings, a Larson Class destroyer, in the Star Fleet Military Operations Command.  They were called to transport a Gorn diplomat to a crucial meeting with Gorn renegades, becoming enmeshed in the FASA adventure Demand of Honor.
1. Distinguished Guests (September 16, 2007):  Session Log
2. The Renegades (September 23, 2007):  Session Log
3. The Ambush (September 30, 2007):  Session Log
4. Where Is S’slee? (October 7, 2007):  Session Log
5. Demand Fulfilled (October 14, 2007):  Session Log
Through quick thinking and combat skill, captain and crew were able to avert war with the Gorn and deal a serious blow to the Gorn renegades.  Here is the adventure timeline.

a doomsday like any other
Next, the crew was posted to the USS Fife, a Chandley Class XI frigate, Captain Jason Q. Culver commanding.  The First Officer, Thonen, and the Chief Engineer, Duranguil, both received promotions to full Commander.  The ship’s assignment was to patrol the Romulan frontier, starting in the Outback region between Gorn and Romulan space.  There they tangled with a Doomsday Machine, a roguish trader named O’Flaherty, and an entire Romulan squadron, in exploits based on the FASA adventure A Doomsday Like Any Other.
1. A Ship in Distress, a Planet in Danger (November 4, 2007):  Session Log
2. The Kirk Defense (November 11, 2007):  Session Log
3. The Pod (November 18, 2007):  Session Log
4. Unlocking the Machine (November 25, 2007):  Session Log
5. Inside the Machine (December 2, 2007):  Session Log
6. Disabling the Machine; Double Crossed (December 9, 2007):  Session Log
7. Turning the Tables (December 16, 2007):  Session Log
This adventure ended with quite devastating results for the Romulans!  However, some quick negotiating managed to preserve the delicate balance of power along the Romulan frontier.

the vanished
The Fife was still on patrol along the Romulan frontier, traveling from Gorn space towards the Triangle.  She routinely hailed a nearby research facility, then investigated when it became apparent that the facility’s inhabitants had mysteriously disappeared.  The FASA adventure The Vanished ensued.
1. Where Did Everyone Go? (January 13, 2008):  Session Log
2. Ah, There They Are! (January 27, 2008):  Session Log

the commander in thief
The Fife, nearing the end of its patrol along the Romulan frontier, was ordered to investigate the disappearance of a planetary survey team on Delta Triangula VI, in the Triangle just outside Federation space.  Posing as natives, an away team discovered that an alien impostor had been installed as president of the planet and was misusing his authority to steal resources.  The Fife crew ousted the impostor and set the planet back on a course of normal development.
1. Humble Pilgrims; A Rude Surprise (February 17, 2008):  Session Log
2. The Cafeteria; the Power Plant; Captured (March 9, 2008):  Session Log
3. The Prison (April 6, 2008):  Session Log
4. An Interview with Kal; Ismil; a Plan for Escape (April 20, 2008):  Session Log
5. Back to the Fife; Garan; Planning a Raid (May 4, 2008):  Session Log
6. The Feint and the Raid; Key Evidence; Back to the Inn (May 25, 2008):  Session Log
7. The Code Book; a Bit of Sparring; Contacting Kelvar (June 8, 2008):  Session Log
8. The Rally (June 15, 2008):  Session Log
9. The Final Showdown (June 29, 2008):  Session Log
This is an original adventure.  See the Original Adventures page for the scenario notes.Campaign Chronicles_files/USS%20Fife-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/PC%20Personnel.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/NPC%20Personnel.pdfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007-01-21.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007-01-28.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.02.03-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.02.10-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.02.17-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.02.24-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.03.03-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.05.13-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.05.27-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.06.03-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.06.05-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.06.09-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/Timeline.pdfCampaign Chronicles_files/mines-of-selka.htmlCampaign Chronicles_files/mines-of-selka.pdfCampaign Chronicles_files/mines-of-selka.epubCampaign Chronicles_files/2007-09-17.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007-09-24.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007-09-31.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007-10-8.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007-10-15.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/Timeline-1.pdfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.11.04-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.11.11-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.11.18-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.11.25-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.12.02.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.12.09-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2007.12.16.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2008.01.13-1.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2008.01.27.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2008-02-18.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2008-03-9.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2008-04-6.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2008-04-20.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2008-05-4.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2008-05-25.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2008-06-8.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2008-06-15.rtfCampaign Chronicles_files/2008-06-29.rtfOriginal%20Adventures.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2shapeimage_3_link_3shapeimage_3_link_4shapeimage_3_link_5shapeimage_3_link_6shapeimage_3_link_7shapeimage_3_link_8shapeimage_3_link_9shapeimage_3_link_10shapeimage_3_link_11shapeimage_3_link_12shapeimage_3_link_13shapeimage_3_link_14shapeimage_3_link_15shapeimage_3_link_16shapeimage_3_link_17shapeimage_3_link_18shapeimage_3_link_19shapeimage_3_link_20shapeimage_3_link_21shapeimage_3_link_22shapeimage_3_link_23shapeimage_3_link_24shapeimage_3_link_25shapeimage_3_link_26shapeimage_3_link_27shapeimage_3_link_28shapeimage_3_link_29shapeimage_3_link_30shapeimage_3_link_31shapeimage_3_link_32shapeimage_3_link_33shapeimage_3_link_34shapeimage_3_link_35shapeimage_3_link_36shapeimage_3_link_37shapeimage_3_link_38shapeimage_3_link_39shapeimage_3_link_40shapeimage_3_link_41shapeimage_3_link_42shapeimage_3_link_43