FASA star trek SITE
In 2007–08 I ran a role-playing game based on the classic Star Trek (original series and movies) universe.

I used a modified version of Star Trek:  The Role Playing Game (Second Edition) published by FASA.  The rules use a simple, consistent mechanic based on percentile dice rolls and are quite playable and extensible.  They have been out of print since the late 1980s, but you can often find them on eBay and  The rule modifications and extensions I use are available on the other pages of this site.

The game was set in the “FASA Star Trek” universe.  For the most part, this universe is consistent with the official (or “canon”) universe, up through the time of the original cast movies.  However, because the game was created before Star Trek:  The Next Generation and subsequent movies and series, some of the details are inconsistent, particularly in the treatment of the Klingons.  See this Wikipedia page for details.

We met online, via chat, using the Gametable software, which is available for free and runs on most platforms.

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