This web site contains some of my musical compositions.  I wrote them out using the Sibelius score writing program.  The compositions are arranged in the following groups:
1. Baroque:  Some compositions in the Baroque style.  The greatest influence is Bach (he’s the greatest!); but Handel, Corelli, etc. are also influential here.  I think my best stuff is on this page.  That’s not surprising, since I’m a Baroque musician (violin and recorder).
2. Classical:  Some compositions in the Classical style, inspired by early Mozart and early Beethoven, with some elements of early Schubert thrown in for good measure.  All these compositions have something nice to offer, but I think they are not of the same musical caliber as the best Baroque stuff.  Also, some of them are earlier works, begun in college and even high school.
3. Canons:  Canons and rounds for two, four, and six canonic voices.
4. Other:  Miscellaneous other stuff.
For each piece, I have provided a PDF version of the score and an audio file.  In most cases, the audio file is in MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) format.  In some cases there is an actual recorded performance.  If you are running Windows, you may need to install Apple QuickTime (free download) to be able to play the MIDI files.
I retain the copyright in these works but don’t expect to profit from them.  Feel free to copy, share, perform, etc., so long as attribution is maintained.
Rob Bocchino’s Compositions